Rules and Regulations when joining this group, or registering an account on our website:

General Rules

  1. No excessive swearing or use of profane words or images
  2. No explicit images are permitted, keep it PG13
  3. Please don’t upload snapshots, i.e. photos you took with your phone without thought
  4. Under no circumstances is anyone to post another person’s copyrighted photo without either permission or proper attribution
  5. Any “Attachment unavailable” posts will be deleted once the poster has been notified
  6. Under no circumstances will any form of bullying or harassment be accepted by anyone in the group.
  7. Decisions which affect the entire group will be voted for or against on our website, however, admins reserve the right to maintain the systems used by the group.

Website Specific Rules

  1. When uploading images, please don’t upload more than 20 at a time, as this may significantly reduce the performance of the website and it’s systems.
  2. When uploading RAW files, upload them to the “files” section, not to the photos section.
  3. Under no circumstances will it be deemed acceptable to upload any form of pirated or illegally obtained software onto any part of the website. Admin reserves the right to delete files which are deemed to be illegally obtained or are unsafe.
  4. Don’t break our site… Don’t go and upload a 100GB file, as, though our infrastructure *could* handle it, people’s connections cannot.
  5. Images will be stored on three servers upon upload, and a compressed copy served to guests and non-premium members of the group.